2021 state manager program:

Our 2021 Virginia program accepted 20 talented, diverse, and passionate individuals into our cohort to work as campaign managers on key House of Delegate races in Virginia.

This program provides three major benefits to Democratic politics:

It equips Virginia campaigns with top-tier managers for a full year, giving them a competitive edge to win.
It supplements managers’ salaries and benefits throughout the entire campaign, allowing for the best talent from all backgrounds to be employed for a full year.
It creates a pool of driven, resourceful, and adaptable campaign managers who will go on to deliver Democratic victories in 2022, 2024, and beyond.

Stay tuned for more information and applications for our upcoming program, which will place participants directly in campaign manager positions on state legislative races in critical 2022 states.

 BLC’s 2021 program is working to hold the majority in the Virginia House of Delegates.


Program Applicants


Members Accepted


People of Color






Alejandra Gomez

Campaign Manager, Candi King for Delegate HD-02

Aron Johnson

Campaign Manager, Chris Hurst for Delegate HD-12

Ashley Wolsefer

Campaign Manager, Kathy Tran for Delegate HD-42

Brian Gregory

Campaign Manager, Clint Jenkins for Delegate HD-76

Camille Torres

Campaign Manager, Shelly Simonds for Delegate HD-94

D. Richard Merritt

Campaign Manager, Lashrecse Aird for Delegate HD-63

Gowri Buddiga

Campaign Manager, Finale Norton for Delegate HD-100

Jasmine Webb

Campaign Manager, Kelly Fowler for Delegate HD-21

Jenner Foster

Campaign Manager, Rodney Willett for Delegate HD-73

Kenneth Gonzales

Campaign Manager, Dan Helmer for Delegate HD-40

Lauren Garrett

Campaign Manager, Josh Cole for Delegate HD-28

Liz Gallagher

Campaign Manager, Wendy Gooditis for Delegate HD-10

Mark Hatton

Campaign Manager, Nancy Guy for Delegate HD-83

Zoe Kleinfeld

Campaign Manager, Alex Askew for Delegate HD-85

Shannon Geison

Campaign Manager, Schuyler VanValkenburg for Delegate HD-72

Stephanie Medina

Campaign Manager, Danica Roem for Delegate HD-13

Amanda Hall

Co-Campaign Manager, Kathy Tran for Delegate HD-42

2021 BLC House of Delegate Races