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Blue leadership Collaborative


We invest in the leaders who will win Democratic Campaigns in 2020 and beyond.


The Big Problem:

Retaining great talent in campaigns isn’t easy. Running a campaign is intense work — it requires leaders to excel in a high-stakes, fast-paced environment with very real consequences. People burn out, and the work isn’t stable, with huge unemployment dips in the off-cycle. And we believe it's imperative that these leaders come from diverse backgrounds and represent the full breadth of the Democratic party.


What we’re doing about it:

Blue Leadership Collaborative is leveling the playing field with a one-of-a-kind paid fellowship program that transforms high-potential talent, with an emphasis on women and people of color, into well-rounded campaign managers. Our Spring 2019 flagship program trained 20 Fellows who will work as campaign managers during the 2020 election cycle.


Our mission is to win campaigns by empowering and retaining future leaders who are committed to excellence as managers, strategists, and humans.

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See for yourself

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Meet our inaugural Fellows and hear in their own words what the BLC experience has meant to them.


our fellowship


Past Fellows


Fellows in our flagship program came with a diversity in prior political work and career paths, representing 14 states from all around the country. They all had something to learn and something to teach their fellow team members.

I feel like we were all trained in school to do things a certain way to get good grades and be good students… But you actually learn by asking questions and using the resources all around you, and that’s what Blue Leadership Collaborative encourages.
— BLC Fellow, Spring 2019
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Our Values


We develop real relationships that foster connected communities.

We build confidence and competence through self-awareness, vulnerability and trust.

We are continuously learning, grounded in both research and experience.

We have no time for assholes.

We pay it forward -- exponential growth breeds exponential impact.


The BLC Fellowship


Not quite ready to apply?

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