BLC retains and develops diverse campaign leaders who are essential to winning and building Democratic majorities.

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BLC delivers a true competitive advantage rooted in diverse leadership.

Full-time employment with competitive salary, benefits, and other forms of financial support.

Intensive and intentional leadership development & skills training, on-demand and ongoing.

Long-term campaign career path development.

BLC provides the investment, development, experience and network that enables the most talented and diverse campaign professionals to lead campaigns and win.

This is a true competitive advantage.

BLC’s 2024 State Manager Program is working to hold the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and build inroads to create a Democratic majority in the Texas House of Representatives. The 2024 Cohort is made up of:

15 managers from almost 300 applicants

 The 2024 cohort is the most diverse cohort BLC has ever had with 4 out of 5 managers identifying as people of color.